About SwedAlex

The Swedish Institute Alexandria was established following an agreement between the governments of Sweden and Egypt in 1999.

It was inaugurated, on the 3rd of October 2000 by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Sweden and Egypt, Ms Anna Lindh, and Mr Amre Moussa. It is housed in a building on the Corniche in the Eastern Port, which since 1925 has served as the Swedish Consulate and later also as a Seamen’s institute. As part of the establishment of the Institute the building has undergone a comprehensive renovation.

The Swedish Institute Alexandria is an autonomous part of Sweden’s Foreign Service, with a Board and an Advisory Committee appointed by the Swedish government. The members of the Board have a background in Foreign Service, development co-operation, cultural exchange and research, and are representing Swedish government as well as non-governmental organizations.

The Advisory Committee, with members from the Middle East, North Africa and Europe assists the Board, and the Director.

Funding for the Institute is provided from Sweden’s allocations to international development co-operation.

Read more about the background and the current operations of SwedAlex on the offical site.


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