As we remain inspired by our Dardasha Masryia (Egyptian chats) in BeniSuif, we decided to head further South to continue this success. On the 14th of February the Dardasha Masryia team was in Qena, discussing the aspirations of the youth there based on a common shared value delivered through constructive dialogue between all stakeholders in society. The dialogue emphasized active citizenship and the role of each and every individual to help their community in the most effective way. The participants were engaged and committed in the discussions. There was a slight predominance of young women attending the Dardasha this time unlike previous meetings where the male participants have been the majority. On the 16th of February we were already in Aswan were other exciting participants showed up from the civil society, political parties and even university and school students. The age category 18 to 35 provided us with a good diversity of ideas and experiences. We spoke about decentralization and the constructive role of social media through social marketing techniques. In addition to the valuable discussions the institute discovered new areas of Egypt. If you are interested please continue following our page for more Dardasha activities later on this year.

Waleed Mansour

Program Officer