The Swedish Institute Alexandria (SwedAlex) in cooperation with the League of Arab States (LAS) and Egypt Media Development Program (EMDP) are holding a conference “International Forum for Media Innovations: Towards a Constructive Dialogue” on 18-19 February 2013.

The Innovations in Media International Forum and Dialogue is a cross-cultural event bringing together the most innovative professionals working in media in the Arab region and the world for two days of sessions focusing on the key role played by media in shaping the social and political landscape.

Egypt and the Arab world are in a transitional period which could lead to freer, more democratic societies. A strong media is an integral component of such well-functioning, modern societies. While these societies are rapidly becoming very media-centric, the media needs to be fully ready for the challenge of being such an influential actor on the social, political, cultural and economic stage. Engaging media professionals from across the region in a constructive dialogue about their changing role and how best to perform will be useful in moving this process forward.

The forum and dialogue will bring together 150 media professionals from Egypt, the Arab world, Europe, the US and Asia.

The forum’s main themes are:

  • Is Arab media ready for the challenge of Arab societies becoming media-centric?
  • What are the perceptions of Arab media amongst the general public in the Arab world?
  • What are the latest innovations in media worldwide?
  • Who are the Arab world’s media innovators and what is their impact?

The forum will also be the launching pad for the latest Arabic edition of the prestigious Innovations in Newspapers World Report. This annual report is produced by the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) and the Innovation Media Consulting Group, and features numerous examples of exciting and innovative developments at media organizations around the world. The Arabic edition of the report always features a chapter on innovations in Arab media, thus enhancing the dialogue on innovations and making it clear that it is a two-way conversation. Translating the report is important because it means that a large number of Arab newspaper professionals finally have access to a premier resource on developments in their industry worldwide.

A summary from the discussions will be shared the coming period.